FABRICA 10, published by Electa, covers the first 10 years of work by FABRICA artists. Early works such as United People, Self-Portrait DVD and various issue-specific websites for COLORS Magazine where created, managed and maintained with the influence and creative talents of Mr. Grullon.

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FABRICA 10: From Chaos to Order and Back
is a retrospective of the last decade of stunning and renowned communication projects. The extraordinary result of a unique vision of the world, fabrica10posteroutcome of as many visions that at Fabrica have found expressions: emerging artists and very famous artists have contributed to determine these first ten and important years. The publication is a visual journey that will hit the eyes of the reader and will act as creative inspiration… Fabrica’s forte is due to accepting the world as a melting pot and in the mixing of cultures and the melange of expressive languages whatever the chosen medium, produce outstanding pioneering work.

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