Enrique is a seasoned globalist with an unbridled passion for leadership, design and technology.

Bringing together a fusion of the arts and technology, Mr. Grullon continues to bring a positive contribution to his colleagues and the technology industry. Having sparked some of the most revolutionary communications technology around the world, specifically in Latin America, Mr. Grullon continues to apply cutting-edge innovation and global humanitarianism.

An ambitious visionary, Mr. Grullon continues to showcase his advanced creativity in the technology and interaction/experience space, utilizing his experience as a creator, designer and business leader. He has collaborated with high profile clients in the fashion, luxury, and consumer electronics industries. As well as public speaking and workshops for young creatives and technology entrepreneurs.

Often described as innovative and engaging, Mr. Grullon values the consumer experience above all else. As a leader, both in industry and within the context of the creative and technical teams, his expertise and insight provide dynamic interactions and exceptional influence to the marketplace. With over 20 years of experience, on three continents, Mr. Grullon’s exceptional work, influence and creativity harmonize the individual need with the international expertise.

With passion, purpose, vision and experience, Enrique R. Grullon brings cohesion between imaginative invention and technological discipline. He focuses his design practice on the integration of consumer-centric innovation and creative technology influence.

Enrique lives with his wife and children in Miami Beach.